A coach’ confession

I  do have a confession to make: one of the major breakthroughs that I had in my coaching practice happened when I could integrate practically my „Eastern philosophy” values and mind-frame into everyday coaching sessions. You know, the idea of”middle path” from Buddhism, the meditation-mindfulness techniques, the „in a drop of rain you can see the ocean” mental focus and the Zen attitude of being both extremely focused and completely relaxed. And of course the basic principle of all Eastern philosophies:

we are all one, interconnected and completely interdependent



Suddenly, the whole range of my client’s issues, concerns, themes, objectives and turning points became very clear. As a matter of fact, that was the point in which I felt both the extraordinary joy of coaching others to their very own success and accomplishments and the profound ease of manifesting within a coaching agreement. The coaching conversations became efortless, the powerful questioning sequences were in a way coming naturally and client’s results became really extraordinary.

And they still are.

By now I hope I raised your curiosity. Well, this whole integration – which became a mindset of my own – has a name. It’s called System Dynamics. And it’s basically a complete new perspective, into which one can easily put aside the basic, cartesian, causal (namely „from cause to effect„) thinking and start using an approach which states the following:

  • we see the world basically as a dis-continuous agglomeration of events, to which we react (e.g.: the sun is rising so we woke up; we are hungry so we eat; etc.)
  • these events tend happen following quite specific patterns (e.g.: the Earth is rotating around the Sun; we eat 3 meals per day; etc.)
  • these patterns are witnesses for a manifestation of a system (e.g.: the Solar system; the mind-body sistem; etc.).

One of the major applications of system theory is in cybernetics. In other words, if you are reading this you surely are a user of a computer, which appeared as a direct result of this way of seeing the world. Another very important application is in the business world: with system dynamics one can easily peel off any event to get beyond what causes and see what patterns are manifesting then & there. A direct benefit is increased clarity in quick definition of any problem and fast generating multiple solutions.

But rather than theorizing, let’s see what’s all about! I found a great example of how system dynamics can be applied to everyday life and I am glad to present it to you:



Well, that’s my confession. What do you think about it?