Va invit la un atelier dedicat atingerii excelentei in afaceri

The Breakthrough Process

  • How can you radically increase top line income by 40%, bottom line results by 25%, client perceived quality to 100%, within a year?
  • How can you reduce expenses, time to delivery or time to turnaround by 50%?
  • How can you achieve all this while transforming team and organizational culture to increase employee satisfaction and commitment?

This two-day workshop on Breakthrough Strategies and techniques for managers and coaches is a practical learning environment tailored to rock your perspectives on individual, team and organization potential. You will acquire practical tools to achieve extraordinary professional results in your organization or with your clients.

Price: 600 € (+TVA)/person/2days of training

Dates: February 15-16

Location: Bucharest

Maximum attendance: 25 (practical work in sub-teams of 7)

Certification: International Coach Federation validated training (ACSTH) for coaches

TO REGISTER: http://www.metasysteme‐

CONTACT INFO: gabriela.mazilu@metasysteme‐

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