Coaching: about life as it is. (eng.)

Coaching is not about getting another set of do-s and don’t-s. Coaching is not about learning new, spectacular tools, techniques and other HR or relational gimmicks. Coaching is not about leading the client to a bright, clever, totally imposed result.

What’s coaching about? It’s about creating the necessary space for clients to grow, to challenge themselves in order to obtain real performance. It’s about generating better interactions in order to obtain better results, as clients design them. It’s really about improving your life, as it is now.

4 thoughts to “Coaching: about life as it is. (eng.)”

  1. filmuletul imi aduce aminte de S. Covey si al sau The 8th Habbit.
    Frumoase ganduri oricum. Nice to know and think of.

  2. “Guests.. I think that kind of imagery
    can be discovered all through litterature.
    The Persian poet Rumi uses the idea of the guests a lot:
    the festival, the feast and the guests.
    It is almost impossible talking about that seed moment
    when a song begins – could be the soul comes in to the world. (..)”
    Leonard Cohen

    Well, speaking about synchronicity – yersteday you mentioned Rumi,
    and I came across this LC documentary today 🙂

    It is nice what you said here – therefore is true!
    And further more, lets underline
    coaching is about helping the client give space to himself.

    I think the coaching relationship has to have such quality
    to create with the client – within himself –
    this kind of hospitality for welcoming ‘the inner creative guest’,
    and to feast this much longing-for encounter,
    and to begin that.. new song –
    the new life he was in search for.

    Thank you for your hospitality, Mihai,
    it was great welcoming this writing-guest of mine 🙂
    (and have a Mediteranian week-end!)

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