Coaching in a nutshell

Should I hire a coach for this?”  is maybe the newest question for the vast majority of young talents in management or entrepreneurship. More and more organisations – in Romania and eveywhere in Europe – are thinking about hiring a coach, more and more professionals are asking for coaching in their workplace, but still many others don’t have a clear picture about what to expect so that they can make an informed decision.

Working as a coach, I’m accompanying my clients to discover what is really important to them. And this is, maybe, the most decisive step towards personal or professional succes. Not what they should do, but what they want to do, what they truly want to reach in their activity, company, life. Maybe it’s increasing profits of cashflow. Or the integration of management and leadership after a large change. Or just getting uncluttered from the day to day activity and gain a completely new, fresh strategic perspective. Or getting the life they always dreamed of.

With a coach you can step towards what you really value — what really gives you “mojo” (this one is from Michael Goldsmith!), energy and motivation.  Together we create positive environments and interactions, in which the you grow, change and become a clearer, faster, better individual. For example: do you want to start that business you’ve been putting off for the last 3 years?  Or do you want to make a significant change for the better in your relationships? Or  maybe you just want to bring your current business to the next level? As a coach, I am partnering with you to design and implement effective strategies to do all this …and a lot more. You will be encouraged to go beyond your personal limitations, to expand your way of  accomplishing things, to put to work your hidden potential.

In a nutshell: a coach is a professional human being dedicated completely to your accomplishment and succes.

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